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06/02/2003 XTAS 0.6 beta released
NEW! XML:DB resources - Servlet env. resources - XML-RPC Client/Server

XTAS (XML Transformation And Storing) XML Java API aimed to *manipulation* XML data from both: non-persistent source that can be generated programmatically (Java stream, DOM, Mapped Java-Object for instance) and persistent source that can be retrieved/stored in/from some XML-enabled "Resource" (XML file or XML enabled DB for instance) with or without validation rules, locally or remotely.

Short list of features (see Description for details):
  • Simple yet powerful XML selection/modification API.
  • XSLT/Xpath based query engine.
  • Querying both persistent(Resource) and not persistent(generated programmatically) XML sources.
  • Pluggable Resources
  • XML Validation supporting
  • Java Object/XML mapping, [un]marshalling
  • Local and Client/Server environment
  • Standard Java XML API (JAXP)
  • Java XML Parser (Apache Xerces 2 by default)
  • Java XSLT/XPath engine implementation (Apache Xalan 2 by default)
  • XML/Java Object (Un)Marshalling/Mapping implementation (Exolab Castor by default)
  • Apache Ant for building
  • JUnit for testing.

  • And
  • Servlet API for Servlet Resources (from the latest Tomcat for instance)
  • XML:DB API for XMLDB Resources
  • RPC-XML Java Impl for RPC-XML Client/Server