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First of all you can try Quick Start Example

XTAS Test Suite

The Test Suite is based on JUnit framework and aimed at Quality Assurance needs could be used as examples for developers as well.

Please take a look at xtas.test.* package, the cases QueryTest, UniFormTreeTest and ObjectMarshallingTest are especially useful for studying purpose.

XML:DB Resource   

xtas.test.XindiceRes Illustrates using XML:DB Resource by the Apache's Xindice XML:DB (ResourceID = "xmldb:xindice-embed:///db/mycollection#employees")
NOTE: you have to have such a XMLDB collection. To do that:

  • add xindice-1.1b.jar to your classpath,
  • rename, compile and run CreateCollection._java
Please refer to Xindice's docs/examples for details

Web application: xtas-example.war

This simple web-application illustrates using of XTAS-library as tool for dealing with file based XML database. You can see XTAS in action in four most common web-app's use cases:

  • listing of multiply records;
  • searching records by some conditions;
  • edition of record (in details);
  • saving modified record in database.

Note: This application is NOT an example of *well-designed* web application. The only purpose is showing of XTAS features.

XML-RPC client   

xtas.test.RpcClient illustrates using XTAS to access to remote XML source through XML-RPC servlet (we use Apache's implementation of XML-RPC
It is neccessary to deploy XTAS XML-RPC servlet (dist/server/xml-rpc/xtas-xmlrpc.war) first. (See your Servlet container Docs)

Web-example and XTAS XML-RPC servlet were tested on Apache's Tomcat 4 (Catalina) but hopefully any implementation of Servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1 and later can be used.

Beside of xtas.jar the Xerces 2, Xalan 2, Xml-Apis, Castor-Xml libraries must be reached by application and were included in full examples distribution (except Xerses that included in Catalina).